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Intestive® Questions & Answers

How can Intestive® help to maintain optimal gastrointestinal health?

Intestive® supplies your body with essential proteins, in the easily absorbable forms of bioactive peptides and amino acids, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. These proteins regulate many key cellular functions and act as "cellular building blocks." Most people get almost no omega-3 in their regular diets, and many people experience difficulty in obtaining or processing key proteins from the foods they eat, but Intestive® contains high levels of proteins in their simplest forms - bioactive peptides and biogenic amines that are easily absorbed by the body. Studies indicate that by allowing your body to assimilate these essential proteins, Intestive® helps to support the cells in your gastrointestinal tract and maintain healthy bowel functions. Intestive® also supplies your body with lactose-free, casein-free colostrum to support your intestinal immune system, as well as boswellia for all-natural structural support for the gastrointestinal tract.

Can people with allergies or those on medication use Intestive®?

Intestive® contains only all-natural ingredients known to be safe and effective and has produced no reported side-effects, contraindications or drug interactions. While most people who are allergic to seafood are able to tolerate Intestive®, it is recommended that they consult a physician before using Intestive®. People currently taking prescription medication can also use Intestive® if their physicians do not indicate that seafood should be excluded from their diets. Intestive® contains ocean fin fish, not shellfish. However, people with certain serious kidney problems should be careful not to consume too much protein. As with any supplement, it is recommended that a healthcare professional be consulted regarding questions of contraindication, allergies or special dietary needs.

How can such a small amount of protein produce a response?

The key to the effectiveness of Intestive® with SEACURE® is the form of the fish protein. Proper Nutrition gently reduces whole fish protein into its simplest form - bioactive peptides and biogenic amines - before incorporating the protein into Intestive®. Research indicates that peptides have benefits beyond their nutritive value as protein. Given their biological activity, it takes only microgram quantities of these peptides to produce a response, compared to higher levels of intake recommended if viewed simply as dietary protein. How does Intestive® Work?

How has Intestive® been tested?

The primary ingredient in Intestive® is SEACURE®, a concentrated protein from deep-ocean white fish. SEACURE® has a 40-year history of safety and has proven to be a highly effective nutritional protein supplement. Since its inception, SEACURE® has been used around the globe by tens of thousands of people and no harmful side-effects have been discovered. In fact, a select committee of the Food and Nutrition Board of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences has endorsed the safety and effectiveness of fish protein concentrate. Clinical tests by over 200 leading physicians further support the effectiveness and safety of SEACURE®. Intestive® Research Shorts

Is Intestive® FDA Approved?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve dietary supplements. Supplements are regulated like foods and do not require the FDA's approval of safety and efficacy prior to sale. However, this does not mean that supplements are "unregulated." In fact, virtually every facet of dietary supplement manufacturing, labeling, and advertising is covered by extensive regulations issued and enforced by the FDA and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Proper Nutrition is in compliance with all regulations. More on Regulations

Is Intestive® the same as fish oil?

No. Intestive® does contain the naturally occurring fish oils found in fish however, extracts like fish oils discard many of the nutrients originally present in the fish. For Intestive®, the only component removed from the fish fillets during processing is water. All the vital nutrients of the fish are retained. The unique, gentle processing technique used for Intestive® ensures that the final protein obtained is unaltered and undamaged and that Intestive® is a microbiologically safe product. Intestive® also offers none of the rancidity problems often experienced with fish oil. Nor does Intestive® cause reflux or "repeating" in users, a side-effect commonly associated with fish oils.

Why does Intestive® have a fish odor?

The main ingredient in Intestive® is SEACURE® fish protein concentrate, a whole food concentrate made from deep-ocean white fish. Therefore, you may notice a slight fish odor. This odor is completely normal and in no way indicates spoilage.

When is the best time to take Intestive®?

For best results, take Intestive®on an empty stomach, just prior to eating.

How soon after taking Intestive® should results be expected?

Users should expect to see results after two to four weeks of regular use.

Is Intestive® an appetite suppressant or a meal substitute?

No. Intestive® is a dietary supplement and not intended to replace the protein in a regular diet.

Can Intestive® be purchased in stores?

Not yet. Intestive® is currently available only by calling the 24-Hour Consumer Order number at (800) 247-5656 and online through the Proper Nutrition, Inc. Web site.

Is there more information available about Intestive®?

For more information on Intestive®, please call the Proper Nutrition Consumer Info Hotline at (800) 555-8868, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.