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Seacure® for pets

Seacure ® for pets, 100g

Seacure ® for pets, 500g

The same Seacure® hydrolyzed white fish recommended by your physician now also recommended by your vet.  Specially packaged and labeled for use with pets.  Provided as a powder with dosing scoop for convenience.  Dogs and cats enjoy the white fish flavor, and the high-quality protein supports digestion and healthy skin & coat.
This new packaging comes in response to overwhelming satisfaction from consumers and holistic vets who have been using Seacure® with pets.  Seacure® for pets is provided as a powder in a wide mouth jar, making it easy to add this supplement to your pet's food.  No more capsules to open up or force feed.  Most importantly... your pet will love the white fish flavor! Large 500g jar is an economical solution for those with large or multiple pets, for veterinarians or breeders, or for use with horses.

How to dose Seacure® for pets

Approximately 1/4 teaspoon of Seacure® for pets for every 10-20 pounds of body weight per day.  For pets under 10 pounds use 1/4 teaspoon per day.  100g jar comes with 1/4 teaspoon scoop, 500g jar does not have scoop included.  Powder can be sprinkled onto food at one meal or dose can be split and given at multiple times during the day.

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