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Seacure® is a preferred dietary supplement derived from deep-ocean undenatured white fish. Seacure® contains 80% unparalleled quality pre- digested protein along with omega-3 fatty acids --- the kinds that are said to protect the heart and arteries. Nutritional tests have shown Seacure® to be highly effective in both attaining and maintaining good health. Over 3000 premature and malnourished infants have been fed the pre-digested protein with exciting beneficial results. Additionally, in clinical and hospital settings, scores of physicians have shown (and continue to show) the fish protein concentrate to be highly effective in alleviating symptoms in thousands of patients with certain protein-related disease conditions. Seacure® is in compliance with FDA regulations and carries a host of factual promotional advantages which are missing in other commercial protein supplements. 

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"Eat Fish...Live Longer."

Since ancient times, fish has been regarded as one of Nature's most valuable and culturally- related foods. For decades, fish has been valued by doctors and nutritionists as a source of necessary dietary animal protein of unsurpassed quality. More recently, fin fish has been promoted by clinicians and dieticians for those on special health-related diets because fin fish is low in salt, cholesterol, and saturated fats such as those found at high levels in certain animal meats, whole milk, and eggs. Lean fish, in particular, is especially recommended for those on a weight-loss diet. 

Government studies have shown that U.S. consumers recognize and prefer the many nutritional advantages of fish. And, in fact, many research organizations are conducting studies on the relation of fish to health. These studies result in continuing public exposure to clinical benefits that are to be gained from eating fish. For instance, a recent release of such research by Dr. William E. Conner of the University of Oregon produced this headline in the newspapers: "Fish May Be A Factor In Cardiac Care." Jean Carper, a nationally syndicated columnist, writes regularly about the health benefits of eating fish. Even the U.S. Government has advertised "Eat Fish...Live Longer." 

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Exclusive Bio-Conversion Technology

In 1994, Seacure® began limited market activity, suitably packaged and labeled. The product is derived from concentrating deep-ocean white fish using a patent-pending bio-conversion technology derived from nature. The bio-conversion process is a method for the controlled enzymatic digestion of biological material by the action of a unique marine microorganism. The action of the digestion (or fermentation) separates the tissue components of the material and solubilizes protein into its constituent parts: peptides and amino acids. Subsequent concentration of the mixture, a slurry, results in a product in powder form, which is then suitable as a supplement to human diets as such or for formation into tablets or capsules. Only water and some volatile components are removed from the fish. All other vital fish components remain. The fine powder that results is light cream in color and non-gritty. As expected, it contains a slight fish odor. 

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Protein for the Globally Starving

The history behind Seacure ®'s process is generously idealistic as well as technologically exciting. Throughout the sixties, the staff of the Fisheries Research Institute, Veterinary College of the University of Uruguay strove to perfect a fermentation technology involving a marine microorganism that was discovered accidentally. A multi-disciplinary team composed of skilled food technologists, microbiologists, nutritionists, and engineers finally accomplished the task in the 70's. 

The object of this work was to come up with a satisfactory means of translating the vast stores of underutilized sea fish into concentrates that would serve as protein supplements to the diets of starving people, especially children, in third-world nations. The Uruguayans were not alone in this effort. Staffs from about 30 other research stations around the world were conducting research for the same purpose. Twice a year the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, gathered these worldwide researchers in Washington, D.C., where their research and development work was reviewed and assessed by an invited team of experts in related fields of science and medicine. The extensive and highly visible U.S. Government research program on FPC (Fish Protein Concentrate) was included in this review process. Dr. Donald Snyder of Bio-Proteus Corporation, was the Director of the laboratory (located on the College Park campus of the University of Maryland) conducting this research. He was also a member of the Academy review team. 

All efforts under conduct at the time (with the exception of the work in Uruguay) were physically- and chemically-oriented procedures to concentrate the fish protein ( removal of oil and water from fish tissues). These procedures leave product with intact and denatured protein. In contrast to these processes, the Uruguayan technology, a biological process, results in solubilization of the large protein fragments; that is, undenatured protein is pre-digested into smaller fragments called peptides (a small series of amino acids joined together) and simple amino acids (the individual basic building blocks of proteins.) 

Scientists on the Academy Review Committee (especially some notable nutritionists from Harvard and MIT) were excited about any procedure that would result in pre-digested or even easily digested protein because badly malnourished babies lose their ability to digest large protein fragments. Feeding intact protein to these infants is nearly worthless and sometimes fatal -- even in such forms as liquid milk. This condition is also often observed in the elderly. 

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Nutritional Superiority

The result of the Uruguayan work is Seacure®, a product comprised of over 80% protein of exceptionally good character, low amounts of ash, and approximately 5% lipids. The essential amino acid pattern of the product exceeds that of the reference milk protein, casein. The protein is nearly 100% assimilated by the animal organism. Biological value scores, chemical scores, and amino acid balance studies show excellent results. Values for Net Protein Utilization (NPU) and Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) exceed those of milk protein. 

Fish oil analysis shows a value of 30% omega-3 fatty acids (N-3). Research has shown that fish oils associated with fish tissue (like we find in Seacure®) is more highly beneficial than isolated fish oils. Too, less fish oil is needed to produce the same beneficial results. 

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Medical and Academic Approval

Product prepared from white fish at a small model plant at the Fisheries Research Institute was under test for a period of 15 years by over 100 leading physicians and surgeons principally among staff members of the school of Medicine, University Hospital, University of the Republic of Uruguay in Montevideo. 

Many thousands have been fed Seacure® in order to study its nutritional effects on various states of undernutrition or disease-induced malnutrition. In almost all those malnourished who were fed Seacure®, quantifiable improvements in health could be measured. 

Bio-Proteus' proteolytic fermentation product has been recognized and approved nutritionally by the Ministry of Health of Uruguay and the National Medical Association of Uruguay (comparable to the American Medical Association [AMA] in the U.S.). 

Bio-Proteus' fermentation technology has received favorable review by various authorities in academe in both the U.S. and abroad and by staffs of international organizations such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the U.N., the Organization of American States, the Interamerican Development Bank, and in the U.S., the National Research Council and the Office of Technical Assessment. 

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FDA and FDD Compliance

Lot #10107 of dried fermented product from fish destined for a clinical trial under Dr. Snyder's direction in a well-known nursing home was imported from Uruguay through Philadelphia, PA, where it was sampled, tested, and released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as being safe and in compliance with the regulations. Other lots were similarly released. A lot of coated tablets was also rated in compliance by the F.D.A. Recently, Seacure was rated in compliance by the Food and Drug Directorate (FDD) of Canada. Similar compliance is expected soon from Denmark and Taiwan. 

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Seacure Advantages

Because of the limited knowledge of fisheries among health-food processors and the difficulties in handling, holding, and processing raw fish into protein supplements, few if any fish protein concentrates such as Seacure® are available in the market place to the medical professions or to good-health consumers. Most often, protein concentrates of dubious quality and value from other sources such as eggs and liver are presented to the consumer. Personnel of Seacure® are fisheries experts. 

Superior raw material: Seacure® is prepared from prime (fresh) lean white fish harvested from the deep, unpolluted waters of the North Pacific. This raw material is in sharp contrast to the use of contaminated land-sea animal meats from processing by-products, or excess milk and reject eggs as starting material. 

Gentle processing conditions: Most of the protein concentrates on the market today from such raw materials as organ meats, skin, tendons, and gristle are prepared by harsh physical or chemical methods. Often because harsh drying methods are used, deterioration in final protein quality occurs (recognizing that the protein from by-products of processing are of questionable value to begin with), and the oil can be rancid. Seacure ®'s process, derived from nature, is gentle. Drying is accomplished by spray-drying. Final protein quality is unaltered. 

Pre-digested protein: Nearly all familiar protein supplements such as desiccated liver contain protein in their intact (original) complex form. Intact proteins, of course, must still be digested by the body into simpler protein segments such as amino acids before they are of any use to the body. 
Therefore, all other factors being equal, the pre-digested protein resulting from Seacure ®'s process is more easily absorbed and utilized than intact protein. Accordingly, pre-digested proteins are especially valuable for premature babies, persons with chronic digestive problems, and anyone who is poorly nourished such as is often seen in the sick and elderly. 

Vital factors: Commercial manufacturers of feeds use fishery reduction products in their formulations because the market is convinced that these products contain vital, though unidentified, nutrients that improve or stimulate growth. And, indeed, research reported in scientific literature supports this claim. These reports also support the claim that fishery reduction products provide a benefit to animals under stress -- overcrowding, for instance. 

No chemical contaminants: In concentrating natural tissue components, it stands to reason that alien substances that might be present in the raw material will also be concentrated. And chemical contaminants are ubiquitous to a varying extent in all crops, land animals, and land-contaminated fish. Not so for Seacure®, all of which is processed from fish caught in deep unpolluted ocean waters. 

Safety: Results of multiple generations (in excess of U.S. FDA requirements) of rats fed Seacure protein at high levels show that the supplement is safe beyond question. The bacteriological quality of Seacure® is excellent. Coating or encapsulating the product ensures against contamination. No pathogenic bacteria nor parasites are ever detected. Spores, sometimes found in poor quality raw material, are never found in Seacure®

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Clinical Results:

Disease-Related Protein Malnutrition
Confidence of success in the alternative medical community is based on the favorable clinical results achieved in Uruguay from the testing of thousands of patients in clinics and hospitals. Confidence is confirmed from North American results that pour in every day from doctors and patients. 

Premature and dystrophic babies: Seacure® was fed to 3,200 premature and dystrophic (malnourished) babies with symptoms related to premature birth and poor nutrition. Edema and respiratory insufficiency ceased. The tolerance for Seacure® was excellent. 

Protein intolerance: Children in Uruguay who were intolerant to Cow's milk (and other protein sources) tolerated and benefited quite well from Seacure® as a dietary protein. In the U.S. Robert E. Morrow, M.D., a highly respected pediatrician in Salt Lake City, used the fish protein concentrate to feed his premature daughter who had developed allergies to all commercial pediatric formulas. She was dying, but after a month on Seacure®, his daughter recovered completely and was able to tolerate a normal diet. A letter from Dr. Morrow is available upon request. Similar reports are reaching Seacure® daily. 

Chronic diarrhea: The utilization of hydrolyzed proteins for feeding in cases of chronic diarrhea was a recommendation reached at the 3rd International Forum of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition convened in San Pablo, Brazil. As expected, feeding Seacure®, a quality hydrolyzed highly digestible protein to children and adults with acute and chronic diarrhea produced excellent results. When Seacure® was fed as a total substitution for cow's milk, patients recovered completely. Dozens of patients recently reported to that Seacure® is correcting their chronic diarrhea. 

Inflammatory bowel disease: Spectacular results are being reported to us on how various inflammatory bowel diseases (proctitis, colitis) are being cleared up in persons taking Seacure®

Blood defenses: Good to spectacular results have been achieved in children in Uruguay showing a syndrome of mismanagement of blood defenses after feeding them Seacure®. And in all cases of immunoglobulin synthesis, patients who were fed Seacure® improved considerably. The OAS (Organization of American States) stipulated that "a dose of three grams of Seacure® per day increased quantitatively the immunoglobulin of undernourished children". Similar results have been noted in patients with AIDS and those on chemotherapy. 

Tissue formation (wound healing): Exciting beneficial results were achieved with patients suffering problems of new tissue formation on the surface of various wound-like skin areas (fistulas, lesions, abscesses, perforations, necrotic dermic areas, infected stumps). Resistance to healing or failure of tissue, including bone healing in the many cases examined, rarely failed to respond positively when Seacure® feeding was instituted. Germination of new tissue usually occurred in less than half the time than in patients on normal, quality hospital diets without Seacure® supplementation. 

Timothy Phillips in Canada was about to lose his leg because of an intractable venous ulcer. After he took the fish protein concentrate, his problem disappeared. A letter from Mr. Phillips is available upon request. Archbishop Benjamin C. Eckardt of Canada (Anglican Church) lived for 10 years with a sore on his beltline that resisted healing. After taking Seacure® for 30 days, the sore healed. Dozens of recent testimonials are on file about how effective Seacure® is in treating intractable venous and decubitus ulcers. 

These results related to tissue regeneration (soft tissue repair) are not unexpected because a report by a UN agency states that one of the parameters that evaluates the quality of a given protein is its positive reaction to tissue regeneration (Report 552, FAO/OMS, 1973). 

Neoplasms: Seacure® was administered to a host of patients in Uruguay with variously located terminal neoplasms (lung, breast, rectum, esophagus, urinary bladder, intestine). The general nutritional status of the patients improved considerably. All patients studied, before being administered Seacure®, experienced pain and had to be given sedatives of the opiate family. A remission of pain was reported by all the patients tested soon after Seacure® administration was begun. These latter observations should be reviewed with caution, however; for although they have been reported by highly responsible personnel and verified by U.S. scientists, they are, nevertheless, preliminary, and investigations continue. 

Still, competent and dedicated clinicians and nutritionists agree on the nutritional benefits possible from a sound nutritional regime for patients with CA, especially terminal cases. 

Enteric nutrition in surgical patients: A research team of doctors and surgeons at the University Hospital, Montevideo, experimented with the use of enteric nutrition in surgical patients of whom the majority suffered from either a localized or generalized cancer. Enteric feeding (within the body,) is necessary when complications in the digestive tract preclude feeding by mouth. Then such methods as nasopharyngeal and nasogastric tubes are required. 

Two sources of protein were contrasted: the standard reference milk protein, casein, and Seacure® protein. The nutritional benefits of both high-protein complements were rated statistically as to their overall effectiveness. Results in patients were grouped into three categories based on weight gain or loss, blood complement variables, skin and muscle tone, nitrogen balance, and metabolism: good, fair, and poor overall condition. 

Results reported in 1981 from these carefully controlled trials show that only 10% of the patients fed casein were rated in good condition, whereas 58% of the patients fed Seacure® were rated in good condition. These results suggest a significant advantage from enteric feeding with Seacure® over casein. 

This advantage is further evidenced by noting that 40% of the casein-fed patients were rated in poor condition, whereas only 22% of the Seacure®-fed patients were rated poor. Of those in poor condition, many suffered from post-operative complications of such severity as to preclude recovery. The team of doctors cautiously reports that even those patients who showed the poorest results when fed Seacure® enterically -- even they benefited "clinically and subjectively." Their reported subjunctive benefits referred to a remission of pain. 

The nutritional condition of surgical patients is experiencing renewed interest recently as are post- operative complications, which often develop in malnourished patients. Better surgical results are being related directly to better nutritional status. 

Wasting, blood cholesterol levels, and arthritis: Up-to-date results from recent observations by medical personnel in Canada and the United States are verifying the results obtained earlier in Uruguay. Aside from wound and bowel problems, recovery from wasting is being noted in persons with AIDS or those being treated with chemotherapy. Less dramatic are responses from persons with high blood cholesterol levels and arthritis. 

On careful analysis, most of the outstanding results reported here can be attributed to the nutritional status of the patients owing to the excellent biological value and highly assimilable character of the fish protein. Some doctors involved in the clinical testing of Seacure® believe, however, that the more exceptional and somewhat unexpected results may be attributed to certain unidentified agents such as peptides, which may be making a contribution along with the improved nutritional benefits.
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