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At the root of all disease and infection is a breakdown in the immune system.



Throughout our lives, cumulative exposure to harsh therapy, antibiotics, sunlight and toxins in the environment compromise our ability to resist illness. In fact, by age 60 our immune system is typically functioning at only 20%. SeaVive® promotes a healthy immune system. By taking SeaVive® on a regular basis, you will combat the decline in your body's natural defenses and give your immune system a much needed boost.

IMMUNE SYSTEM MISSION: Prevent disease and infection
Mucous membranes that line body cavities open to the environment, such as those found in the nose and gut, house antibodies called immunoglobulins that ensnare pathogens and potential antigens encountered in daily life. Thus, mucous membranes function as the first step in the mission of the immune system to prevent disease and infection.

Toxic invaders that sneak by the mucosal barrier are met by white blood cells called macrophages, which by a process called phagocytosis literally digest and destroy invaders in the blood. Thus, macrophages become the body's inside line of defense responsible for seeking and indiscriminately destroying viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria.

Two new supplements aid and assist these defenses against disease and infection. They are Colostrum, which supplies critical immunoglobulins to block invaders at the level of the mucosal barrier, and Beta glucan, which stimulates the action of the macrophages to phagocytize invaders in the blood stream. A third supplement Seacure® aids the immune system indirectly by correcting pathogenic bowel permeability to prevent hazards from passing through the gut membrane to infect internal organs. Finally, Vitamin C is well recognized for its immune-supportive properties. All four of these components are combined to produce the one-of-a-kind immune-booster ... SeaVive®.

SeaVive®: Our top-line of defense against disease and infection features a unique combination of Colostrum, Beta glucan, Seacure®, and Vitamin C. [The Colostrum in SeaVive® is free of lactose, casein, and fat and contains a minimum of 40% IgG; the Beta glucan is over 90% in the ß-1,3-D form; and Seacure® contains over 70% bioactive peptides and biogenic amines.]

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is colostrum? Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid secreted by manimalian mothers after giving birth. Colostrum. acts to transfer valuable immune factors from the mother to the newborn. As our bodies age, we produce less of the immune factors needed to ward off disease and infection. Supplemental colostrurn can help replenish these stores.

Why bovine (cow) colostrum? Research shows that bovine colostrum is not species specific and, therefore, is effective in humans. In fact, bovine colostrum contains many times more of the immune factors needed than human colostrum. The colostruni in SeaVive® is of excellent quality, with more than 40% IgG and is lactose-, casein-, and fatfree, as is expected in true colostrum.

What is IgG? IgG is one of the five main classes of immunoglobulins (Ig) or antibodies that participate in immune function. It is an antibacterial, antitoxic, and antiviral protein, and is the only class of antibodies to transfer through the placenta. High concentrations of IgG are present in quality colostrum, like that in SeaVive®.

What is the difference between powdered colostrum or tablets and colostrum in capsules like SeaVive®? Colostrurn has a wide variety of documented benefits from supporting immune function to maintaining lean muscle mass. Preliminary work shows that the immune boosting properties of colostrum. are best received in capsule form.

What is beta glucan? ß-1,3-D glucan is a specific polyglucoside molecule (glucose rings linked in a chain) that activates nonspecific immune system cascades. ß-1,3-D glucan is found naturally in all living things in combination with ß-1,6-D glucan linkages. The beta glucan in SeaVive® is over 90% ß-1,3-D glucan.

Where does the beta glucan in SeaVive® come from? The beta glucan in SeaVive® is isolated form the cell walls of bakers yeast.

I am yeast sensitive. Will I have a problem? No. The beta glucan in SeaVive® is an isolate and does not contain any yeast protein that will cause a reaction.

Is SeaVive® safe? Yes. SeaVive®'s first three ingredients -colostrum, beta glucan, and Seacure®- are all considered foodstuffs. The final ingredient in SeaVive® is vitamin C.

What about pregnant or nursing women? Again, SeaVive® contains all whole food or food isolate ingredients. However, pregnant or nursing women should always consult with their doctor when taking any medication or nutritional supplement.

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