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SeaVive® Questions & Answers

Is SeaVive® safe, especially for children, and pregnant and nursing women?

Yes, on all counts. SeaVive®'s major ingredients - Colostrum, Beta glucan, and Seacure® are all safe dietary supplements. The final ingredient in SeaVive® is the familiar Vitamin C. Note: pregnant or nursing women should always consult with their physician before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid secreted by mammalian mothers after giving birth. Colostrum acts to transfer valuable immune factors from the mother to the newborn. As our bodies age, we produce less of the immune factors needed to ward off disease and infection. Supplemental colostrum can help replenish these stores.

Why bovine (cow) Colostrum?

Research shows that bovine colostrum is not species specific and, therefore, is effective in humans. In fact, bovine colostrum contains many times more of the immune factors needed than human colostrum. The colostrum we use in SeaVive® is of excellent quality, with more than 40% IgG and is free of lactose, casein, and fat.

What is IgG?

IgG is one of the five main classes of immunoglobulins (Ig) or antibodies that participate in immune function. It is an antibacterial, anti-toxic, and antiviral protein, and is the only class of antibodies to transfer through the placenta.

I'm taking a Colostrum supplement now. Is SeaVive® a substitute for that supplement?

Yes, and much more.

Can I take too much Colostrum?

No, but It is always prudent to limit your dosage of any supplement to the recommended dosage.

What is Beta glucan?

B-1,3-D glucan is a specific polyglucoside molecule (glucose rings linked in a chain) that activates nonspecific immune system cascades. B-1,3-D glucan is found naturally in all living things in combination with B-1,6-D glucan linkages. The beta glucan in SeaVive® is over 60% B-1,3-D glucan.

Where does the Beta glucan in SeaVive® come from?

The beta glucan in SeaVive® is obtained from isolated cell walls of bakers yeast, not the whole yeast.

I am yeast-sensitive. Will I have a problem?

No. The beta glucan in SeaVive® as an isolate does not contain any yeast protein that will cause a reaction.

I am taking Beta glucan now. Is SeaVive® a substitute for that supplement?

Yes, and much more.

Can I take too much Beta glucan?

No, but like with any dietary supplement, you are advised to follow the recommended dosage.

Why Seacure®?

Seacure® aids the immune system indirectly by helping to correct pathogenic bowel permeability to prevent hazards from passing through the gut membrane to infect internal organs.

I'm taking Seacure® as a dietary supplement. Is SeaVive® a replacement for Seacure®?

No. For maximum value, at least six capsules of Seacure® should be taken daily. The smaller amount of Seacure® in SeaVive® acts mainly as a potentiating agent for Colostrum and Beta glucan and not as a clinical aide for such things as wound healing or irritable bowel syndrome. That's the job for Seacure®.

Why Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is well recognized for its immune-supportive properties.

How much SeaVive® should I take and when should I take it?

Unless a doctor recommends otherwise, we recommend one (500 mg) to three (1.5 g) capsules daily. SeaVive® should be taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water.

When should I take one capsule per day and when do I need three capsules per day?

If you are in good health and seek the day-to-day protection against disease and infectious organisms, one capsule per day will suffice. Take three SeaVive® daily, however, if you have been exposed to a disease or infection or if you are suffering from an illness. A key to prevention or recovery from disease and infection is a fully activated, peak performing immune system. Incidentally, you might also consider taking three capsules of SeaVive® at the onset of the cold and flu season.

I'm taking three capsules of SeaVive® per day, may I take all three at once?


How should I store SeaVive®?

SeaVive® should be stored in a dry place away from excessive heat. Refrigeration is not necessary.

What kind of capsule is SeaVive® contained in?

SeaVive® is encapsulated in clear, natural, size 0 beef gelatin capsules.